At the New England Recovery Center, we make it a point to stay in touch with our former clients and their loved ones. We do this first and foremost to ensure they are continuing on a sober path, but also as part of our mission to continually provide top-notch addiction recovery treatment and improve wherever we can.

A recent survey conducted by our staff as part of this effort revealed that one of the most appreciated components of treatment is our unique Family Renewal Program – something we are very proud to offer.  Participants cited the program itself alongside general family education and interaction as aspects of treatment that our staff executes especially well.

Family members of clients reported that not only did they feel included in the treatment planning process, but they were adequately educated on addiction and better prepared to support their loved one after treatment.

Addiction is a disease. Like any other disease, its web of pain doesn’t stop with the sick individual – it affects the entire family. Perhaps more so than with any other illness, family involvement is crucial to a successful recovery. The doctors and psychiatrists on staff within Spectrum Health Systems firmly believe in the importance of, and the power behind, involving the entire family unit in the recovery process. By providing the Family Renewal Program to our incoming clients and their families, we have worked hard to incorporate that philosophy into our treatment approach.

To learn more about the Family Renewal Program and why loved ones are integral to long term recovery, head over to this guest blog from Ronald Burgess, our family engagement specialist.

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, the New England Recovery Center is here to help. Please call (844) 233-6372 anytime.


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