Medically monitored detoxification is often a necessary first step for individuals seeking addiction treatment. Under the supervision of our chief medical officer, the New England Recovery Center provides 24-hour medical supervision and compassionate nursing care to ensure safe withdrawal from alcohol, opioids, and other substances.

During medical detoxification, our goal is to minimize discomfort associated with withdrawal and make clients as comfortable as possible. Clients also have the option to begin medication for addiction recovery at this time.

All clients in our medical detox program are active throughout the day, participating in a range of activities, including:

  • Daily Goal Setting and Evening Reflection Groups
  • Gender-Specific Psychoeducational Groups
  • Recovery Support Groups
  • Yoga Classes (as desired)
  • Outdoor Leisure Time
  • Daily Contact with the Case Management Team

Throughout the detoxification process, we work with clients and their families to prepare them for the next step in their recovery journey. Because addiction is a chronic disease, we strongly encourage continued treatment at our inpatient rehabilitation program where clients work on developing and practicing the skills needed to live drug-free and make plans for sustaining their recovery.

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