At the New England Recovery Center (NERC), we understand that the decision to pursue drug or alcohol addiction treatment can be daunting. The following information on your treatment team, family visits, accommodations, medical care, and more is provided to help alleviate uncertainty and let you know what to expect during your stay at our Westborough, Massachusetts inpatient center.


Upon admission, you will be assigned a master’s level clinician who will be your point person for the remainder of your stay. The role of this clinician is to provide support and guidance as you work together to develop the best possible recovery plan designed specifically for you. We want to ensure that each person receives the interventions that work best for them. Your clinician will also work with your loved ones to educate them about substance use disorders and addiction recovery, and how they can help throughout your journey.

Other members of our team include a family engagement specialist, continuing care specialists, physicians, nurse practitioners, social workers, mental health clinicians and recovery specialists. At a minimum, you will meet with your clinical team three times a week for individual therapy, continuing care planning, and family engagement.


Family is seen as an important component of the recovery process and their involvement is strongly encouraged throughout addiction treatment. Each client at New England Recovery Center will have the opportunity to meet with our family engagement specialist and clinicians to build family supports throughout the recovery process. From there, family meetings, as well as visits, can be arranged to help with education, support, and exploring next steps in recovery. Every Sunday, families are welcome to join us for Family Renewal Program Day which begins with an educational session and then allows quality time for visits. Our Family Renewal Program enables family members to receive the education and support needed to help you in your recovery while coping with their own concerns and emotions.


At the New England Recovery Center, we want clients to feel as comfortable as possible while they embark on this important first step in the recovery process. Our Westborough MA campus rooms are warm, welcoming, and modern. In addition, we offer a variety of on-site amenities including a cafeteria, fitness center, yoga, spiritual and religious services, a media room, onsite laundry, and telephone access. Most rooms are furnished to accommodate two individuals at a time. Private rooms are available for an additional fee.



Our food services provider, NexDine, provides three meals per day including a full salad bar, snacks and multiple choices of beverages. We also accommodate clients who have food allergies or specific nutritional needs. All meals are prepared onsite in our cafeteria kitchen.



Our campus has daily physician coverage. Clients are seen if a medical or psychiatric need arises. The 24/7 nursing team is available to manage the day-to-day needs of clients.


Your treatment at New England Recovery Center will depend on a variety of factors including what you want to gain during the treatment process, progress toward your individual treatment goals, access to appropriate aftercare and medical necessity as determined by your insurance provider. You should plan to stay for at least two weeks, but we always encourage people to stay longer.

That said, everybody’s journey to addiction recovery will be different, which is why we evaluate you as an individual with unique requirements and circumstances. This way, we can tailor your substance use treatment plan to address your needs and preferences.

The main reason for a longer length of stay is that it allows us to help you develop the skills and tools needed to re-enter the world prepared to face life’s challenges. The skills we teach include coping with difficult situations, finding a job, rebuilding relationships, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We also hold classes on resume writing, job interviews, family and relationships, and more. During this time, our nurses will continue to monitor you for any post-acute withdrawal symptoms and provide comfort medications as needed.


Inpatient treatment is just the beginning. Your recovery journey is a lifelong one, and it is critical that you set yourself up for success after discharge. Your clinician will work with you to develop a continuing recovery plan to help maintain the gains that you’ve made during treatment, while sustaining your recovery and preventing future relapses. Our comprehensive planning process addresses individualized needs regarding clinical services, vocation/education, legal issues, housing and employment. To ensure continued success, NERC clients often access Spectrum’s many outpatient treatment centers for ongoing support and counseling. We also recommend MASH-certified sober homes, when appropriate.

We look forward to helping you build a strong foundation for achieving long-term recovery during your stay here at New England Recovery Center.


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