The heroin epidemic throughout Eastern Massachusetts, as well as the rest of Massachusetts, has become a serious problem. The heroin epidemic has become so bad that approximately every eight days, someone in Massachusetts dies from a fatal overdose.

The people dying from overdoses in Eastern Massachusetts aren’t who you’d expect either. These aren’t homeless drug addicts lining the urban streets of cities like Boston, they are everyday people like homemakers, business professionals and students.

How the Heroin Epidemic Grows in Massachusetts

In Eastern Massachusetts as well as the rest of the state, people don’t wake up one day and decide that they’re going to try heroin. Even when people are at a party or with friends, heroin is one of the last drugs a person will try for recreational use. Many people in Massachusetts know about the heroin epidemic, which is why they steer clear of this potentially fatal drug. Addiction escalates over time, and most people are addicted to other substances long before they try heroin.

Heroin is an opiate, which is the same type of narcotic that’s found in prescription pain medications. The youth and adults of Eastern Massachusetts often start with a prescription drug addiction, but this can be an expensive habit to keep up with. Many of these people want to quit, but trying to detox on your own can be extremely painful and dangerous. Eventually, when people are unable to maintain their prescription drug addiction, they turn to heroin because it’s a cheaper, more potent opiate.

Detox at an Inpatient Treatment Center in Massachusetts

If you’re tired of the stranglehold that heroin has over you and want to begin a new life, allow New England Recovery Center to provide you with a medical detox process to make the symptoms of withdrawal as minimal as possible. The main reason that detox is so uncomfortable and painful is that your brain is starving for dopamine, but we implement certain medications that help trick the brain into thinking that you’re still using. Medications like Suboxone are used to occupy the space in your brain that’s starving for dopamine, which drastically decreases the symptoms of withdrawal.

Once you’ve gone through detoxification, New England Recovery Center will teach you how to live with your addiction without ever having to pick up a drug again. Many people in Eastern Massachusetts have seen the benefits of inpatient treatment, and we want to provide you with that same opportunity. When you come to us for treatment, we’ll give you the care and personal attention you deserve. Call us today and let’s get you started on the road to recovery.

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