Is Holistic Rehab as Effective as Traditional Treatment?

If you’ve tried rehab before without successfully conquering your drug or alcohol addiction, you might be interested in trying a viable alternative – holistic rehab.  Holistic rehab teaches participants how to encompass all areas of their health. These programs focus on connecting mind with body and spirit to help clients stop using drugs or alcohol.

There are a myriad of reasons people resort to drugs and alcohol. Some people attempt to remedy physical problems, such as back pain, while others numb themselves to avoid feeling painful psychological trauma. Addicts are often unaware of which areas of their health need to be fixed so a program that focuses on all three areas of health, such as a holistic rehab program, has the greatest likelihood of hitting all of their problem areas.

Holistic rehab programs offer participants the ability to enhance every aspect of their health. Participants can participate in meditation sessions to aid with spiritual health, counseling sessions for psychological health, and exercise sessions for physical health. Many holistic rehab programs offer similar treatment options as traditional programs, while also offering extra benefits. These programs usually have therapists on staff to provide daily therapy sessions as well as support groups and group therapy. Most holistic rehab programs include an organic, all-natural meal plan centered on improving their physical health, physical activities like hiking or biking, meditation sessions or yoga and alternative types of psychotherapy like art or music therapy.

As with any type of drug and alcohol rehab program, you should evaluate holistic rehab programs carefully to see if the program is credible and is something that is right for you. New England Recovery Center understands the disease of addiction. As a leading drug and alcohol rehab, we offer an array of holistic rehab therapies and treatment programs that are effective in curbing addiction for good.


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