Holistic Rehab for Painkiller Addiction

When you’re suffering from a painkiller addiction, your life can become highly unmanageable. Most people who become addicted to painkillers have seen how much the disease of addiction can escalate. While some people with a painkiller addiction were hooked when they were prescribed the medication for an injury or illness, others turned to painkillers in order to find a new high, and this is extremely common for alcoholics. Alcohol and pain medications trigger the same portion of the brain to give a euphoric feeling, and some alcoholics believe a painkiller addiction is the lesser of two evils.

How a Painkiller Addiction Progresses

You may have thought at some point that you had your painkiller addiction under control, but there have most likely been signs that it has escalated. There are dozens of stories in the news about celebrities and everyday people who accidentally overdose on pain medications, but many people with this type of addiction disregard the fact that taking more than what’s prescribed or mixing medications can be fatal. Most painkiller addicts will not only increase their dosage when prescribed, but they’ll begin snorting or injecting the pill to get a faster, stronger high.

Believe it or not, a painkiller addiction is the leading cause for people turning to heroin. If you’ve had to purchase these painkiller medications illegally, you’ve seen how expensive they can be. Most addicts who say they’d never try heroin can have a change of heart when they’re addiction to painkillers has escalated to a point where it’s far too expensive. Withdrawal from pain medications can be so uncomfortable that a person will turn to heroin instead.

The Benefits of Detox at a Holistic Rehab

If you’re struggling with an addiction to painkillers, a holistic rehab may be the best choice for you when you’re ready to detox. At a holistic rehab, you won’t be given detox medications for withdrawal. There are medications like Suboxone and Naltrexone that are used for detox to help with the symptoms as well as the cravings, but for a painkiller addict, taking any kind of medications can be a trigger. By going through detoxification at a holistic rehab, you’ll have a much stronger foundation for your recovery once you begin treatment.

Holistic rehab is the best way to get a fresh start for recovery, and you’ll learn methods that will not only help you through detoxification, but they can also be used throughout your recovery. Different methods like massage and acupuncture therapy, a good diet, meditation and yoga are tools you’ll be able to use for years to come.

If you’re ready for holistic rehab to put your life back on track, call New England Recovery Center today. We can help.

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