What Happens During Inpatient Alcohol Detox?

By Published On: October 10th, 2015Categories: Alcohol Addiction, Alcohol Detox

What is Inpatient Alcohol Detox?

Alcohol is one of the most frightening drugs on the market because it’s completely legal and very socially acceptable. We see advertising for alcohol everywhere. It’s at a friend’s house, at parties… nearly everywhere people gather socially.

Young people drink. Old people drink. The culture of drinking is a tradition stretching back thousands of years. And for that reason, it’s incredibly difficult to battle when alcohol becomes an addiction.

You May Be Surprised How Common Alcohol Abuse Is

If you are questioning whether you have an alcohol abuse or full-blown alcoholism problem, this is a red flag that you need drug and alcohol rehab. If you can’t go a few days without drinking even when you want to, that’s another red flag.

Alcoholism and alcohol abuse are very common problems, but not nearly enough people seek the help they need at an inpatient alcohol detox center. Most people fear the stigma of drug and alcohol rehab and detox. They are also afraid of the withdrawal symptoms that go along with the process.

What Happens During Alcohol Detox?

The detoxification process is frightening to many people because of the potential withdrawal symptoms associated with it. These symptoms can include:

  • Mental withdrawal symptoms may include anxiety, depression, and paranoia
  • Physical withdrawal symptoms may include diarrhea, vomiting, headaches, and nausea. You may also experience increased blood pressure and heart rate
  • In rare cases, hallucinations and seizures may result
  • You will be medically monitored for these symptoms
  • Medication may be administered to help with pain and discomfort

Inpatient Alcohol Detox Sets You Up for Inpatient Rehab

Inpatient alcohol detox is different from outpatient treatment centers because you reside at a detoxification facility. There, you are able to focus 100% of your efforts on your recovery with detoxification.

Inpatient alcohol detox is essential preparation for drug and alcohol rehab treatment programs. After your body has been cleansed of toxins during the detox phase, you will transition to rehab treatment. During rehab, leading-edge, evidence-based treatment will be administered by professional mental health experts.

Professional Detox and Treatment are the Only Answers

It’s important to remember that professional inpatient alcohol detox and rehab is the only effective answer to a serious alcohol addiction problem. Even though you may think that detoxing at home is a safe idea, it’s not.

The withdrawal symptoms that come along with detoxing from alcohol are painful, uncomfortable, and potentially serious. They can even be life-threatening.

While inpatient alcohol detox can be tough, it can prepare you for a more fruitful life afterward. Located in Westborough, MA, New England Recovery Center offers the best inpatient alcohol detox in the state. With licensed and experienced counselors and clinicians, they’ll ensure that you’ll receive fully accredited—and affordable—care.

Don’t wait to help yourself out of this deep downward spiral. Get the help you need today by contacting the New England Recovery Center; you’ll find information to reach out to us here. Call us today and we’ll get started on your successful recovery.


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