One Year Sober: Catching Up with Shane on Airing Addiction

By Published On: December 19th, 2017Categories: Blog, Drug Addiction

Remember Shane?

A little over a year ago, he heard an episode of our podcast Airing Addiction, and was motivated to change his life. Three months later, he had completed inpatient treatment at our Westborough, Mass. facility and was a guest on the show, hoping to inspire others.

Recently, Shane joined the New England Recovery Center’s program director of residential services, Jodi Tarantino, on Airing Addiction once more to celebrate one year of sobriety.

In the episode, Shane reflects on his life before successful treatment and the desperation and despair that surrounds a person struggling with addiction. He shares the emotions he felt during treatment, including the battle of detoxification, fear, and the realization that he had hurt his family and friends. He also gives us all an important reminder: just because you complete treatment, doesn’t mean the work is over. Addiction is a lifelong battle – but a battle well worth fighting.

To hear Shane’s initial episode, click here. To check in on how he’s doing now, hit play below.

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