Meet Executive Director of Community Relations: Q&A with Amy George

By Published On: January 19th, 2022Categories: NERC / Spectrum

Without our employees, Spectrum Health Systems would not be able to provide top-notch addiction treatment services to our clients. Our teams are the backbone of our programs and are a pivotal part of the way we help all clients live and sustain a longstanding recovery journey.

This week we’re speaking with Amy George. She previously worked at Spectrum Health Systems and has returned as our new Executive Director of Community Relations. Amy oversees the Admissions Department and Business Development team at the New England Recovery Center (NERC).

We sat down with Amy to learn more about her work in addiction treatment and to find out what she is looking forward to most in her new role.

What brought you back to Spectrum/NERC?

To me, Spectrum feels like “home.” I know this is a place where everyone is working so hard every day to help others on their journey. The timing for my return aligns with my goals and professional development. I’ve been working on my master’s degree in clinical psychology and know this is the perfect agency for me. It is so nice to come back to a place with so many familiar faces. I believe it says a lot about Spectrum as a whole. This is an agency where so many employees take pride in their work and stay on for many years.

When did you realize you wanted to work in addiction treatment?

I have worked in the behavioral health field since graduating from Assumption College in 1997. I always knew that I wanted to work with people and assist them with the challenges that they faced, however working in addiction treatment was not on my radar in the beginning.

I took a position at Spectrum Health Systems in the Alcohol Education Program several years ago and really fell in love with the addiction treatment side of supportive services. My passion for this sector grew as I moved into the Business Development Department. This was also right around the time that the New England Recovery Center was opening. I found that I really loved assisting individuals, families, and providers in the search for the right treatment options. Knowing that addiction can touch anyone keeps me committed to the addiction treatment field. I’m always looking for ways to better serve those who have been touched by it.

My work to help those struggling with addiction also extends into the community. I’m honored to have served on many task forces and addiction/recovery boards. It’s helped me broaden my experience to enhance my expertise. I currently serve as a planning committee member for the Boston Providers Liaison Association, a very successful networking group for those working in the addiction treatment and behavioral health realm.

What do you do as the Executive Director of Community Relations? What do you like most about your role?

In my role, I oversee the admissions department and business development team for NERC. Our team continues to spread the word that we are in network with almost ALL major insurance policies and are ready and able to help anyone that needs it.

I love being able to build real relationships with our partners in the community. These relationships are so critical to the people that we support and allows them to have access to quality after-care options. I am committed to assisting families, communities, and service providers in their quest to build support networks in connection to quality care.

What do you think differentiates us from other recovery centers?

Spectrum is no doubt the best in the business. They have been doing this since 1969 and have the experience and the know-how to treat clients the way that they need to be treated, with dignity and respect.

What do you like most about working at NERC?

I like that it feels like family. Working in the addiction field is very serious hard work, but at the end of the day, you can work together and make connections with your coworkers who feel like family – people that you can rely on, and that make you smile.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Having 3 children (ages 20, 17, and 12), I tend to not have a ton of spare time, but as a family we like to travel when we can. We recently did a 12-day trip to Las Vegas, Arizona, and Utah. We visited the Zion National Park, Sedona, and went boating on Lake Powell! We are excited to plan more trips in 2022!

What is one quote/saying you live by?

If there’s anything that I’ve learned working in this field is that there is hope and people do recover. I have seen it first-hand. It’s an amazing thing – don’t give up hope!

For more information about working at the New England Recovery Center or Spectrum Health Systems, visit the careers page on our website.

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