Compulsive vs. Impulsive Behavior And Addiction

Compulsive Vs. Impulsive Behavior and Addiction

Addiction is a complex problem that can wreak havoc on a person’s life. The impact of uncontrolled substance abuse can be ruinous, leading to the loss of a career, to the destruction of a family, and ultimately the destruction of a person’s health and the will to live.

The issue is complicated because of intertwined psychological issues in addicts who have a compulsive need to drink or use drugs. Fortunately, there is hope for people with alcohol and drug addiction problems and the linked issues of compulsive behavior and lack of impulse control.

Impulsive Behavior Versus Compulsive Behavior

Any kind of addiction is a disorder that has to do with a lack of impulse control. The problems of impulsive and compulsive behavior can frequently become inseparable with substance abuse, as the behaviors often feed on each other.

What is the difference between compulsive and impulsive behavior? Compulsive behavior involves hard-to-control repetitive acts that ultimately serve no purpose. Lack of impulse control is uncontrolled behavior (like temper tantrums or drinking excessively) that, while somewhat pleasurable, can be very harmful. Both of these behavior patterns can lead to substance abuse, which can fuel further impulsive behavior.

Obviously, the occurrences of compulsive and impulsive behavior and the way they mesh with substance abuse issues can lead to alarming and very destructive behavior. That’s why it’s so important that those suffering from these issues seek professional help at a reputable detox and rehab center so they can detox and recover safely.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab as a Treatment for Impulsive Behavior

People who need help with addiction are best served by a drug and alcohol rehab center that has an on-site medically monitored detox center. Though it may be tempting to think of going “cold turkey” to kick a drug or alcohol problem, the reality is that the physical and emotional problems associated with withdrawal are very serious, and require the support of medically trained professionals. Transitioning from medical detoxification into counseling is not an easy task, which is why patients should choose a drug and alcohol rehab site away from the temptations of their local community, and one that has an on-site detox center.

Dealing with the overwhelming issues of impulse control disorders, like drug addiction, is certainly not easy. That’s why it’s so important to seek professional help.

Don’t put off healing yourself any longer. A professional drug and alcohol rehabilitation center like NERC can get you started on the path to true recovery. Reach out to us at 877-697-3422 or submit your request (for yourself or a loved one) via our Contact forms.

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