Addiction Treatment Goes Digital: A Technological Revolution in Healthcare

By Published On: March 23rd, 2021Categories: Treatment / Recovery, Trends / Data

One thing the pandemic has taught us is that telehealth can dramatically extend the reach of addiction programs and enhance the progress of people in recovery. Building on this important work, we recently announced our partnership with Tufts Health Plan and Pear Therapeutics, Inc. to pilot an FDA-authorized digital therapeutics program!

Expanding Access

The New England Recovery Center (NERC) and Spectrum Health System are thrilled to have this opportunity to collaborate with Tufts and Pear Therapeutics, both innovative institutions aligned with our own goals. We know from our years of experience that one of the biggest barriers to addiction treatment is access to care, which is why we’ve been working to expand our physical presence across New England.

During the pandemic, we and many other providers tackled the challenge to keep our doors open to our clients while pivoting whatever programs we could to virtual options. We were somewhat surprised to find that, in many ways, these digital options opened more doors for new and current clients. The expansion of telehealth reduces operational costs for institutions and out-of-pocket expenses for clients, and has provided access for the very first time for some new clients. While remote options will not be ideal for every person and can never fully replace in-person treatment, having it as an option has been an incredible boon for the healthcare industry.

Tufts, Pear and Spectrum

Digital therapeutics, which falls under the umbrella of digital health or telehealth, refers to evidence-based treatments or therapies that are delivered by high-quality tech or software. From our experience as addiction treatment providers, we saw an urgent need to find more ways of delivering treatment to clients struggling with substance use disorders (SUDs), many of whom were struggling as a result of additional pressures stemming from the pandemic.

Collaborating with Tufts and Pear Therapeutics to expand our offerings was a natural step for us. As a Tufts’ Center of Innovation, Tufts and Spectrum are dedicated to the study of SUDs and the efficacy of different forms of treatment. Pear specializes in digital therapeutics and in pushing the boundaries of technology in medicine with their products. All of us are committed to an evidence-based approach to addiction treatment that is accessible to anybody who needs it.

Doctors and scientists learn more about the nature of addiction every year and introduce new technologies based on their findings. We want to bring new and emerging treatment to people where they are to improve their chances of remaining in long-term recovery. We’re thrilled to be embarking on this journey, and we’re confident that this is only the start for digital therapeutic services being incorporated into mainstream treatment.


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