The New England Recovery Center provides cutting-edge alcohol & drug addiction treatment utilizing a variety of interventions. 

treatment approach

These interventions include motivational interviewing, individual and group therapy, life skill training, 12-step meetings, family engagement, relapse prevention and continuing care planning. Our clinical services are based on modalities of proven effectiveness, delivered by highly trained clinicians and geared toward sustained recovery.

At our Massachusetts rehabilitation locations, we begin our approach to substance abuse treatment by employing a client-centered, strengths-based approach that engages clients and helps motivate them for active participation. Cognitive-behavioral treatment, supported by a standardized cognitive-behavioral curriculum, is used to teach clients the necessary skills for achieving and sustaining recovery.

Treatment Approach – Concepts and skills learned during the initial stages of addiction treatment are continuously emphasized and practiced on a daily basis.

Staff provides positive reinforcement and ongoing feedback to reinforce healthy behavior and appropriate thinking.

At New England Recovery Center, we address treatment of addiction and the recovery process holistically.

Health and wellness, including fitness and mindfulness activities, are integrated throughout treatment to promote lasting behavioral change and build a strong foundation for sustained recovery from drug or alcohol addiction.  Many people automatically seek an escape when dealing with personal distress. Mindfulness helps people develop a mindful, cognitive state and use it as a coping strategy for dealing with everyday stressors. Research demonstrates that mindfulness helps individuals improve focus, enhance self-confidence, and provide a basis for developing positive coping and stress-management skills.

Comprehensive family services, including education, supportive counseling, and ongoing case management, are also provided throughout treatment, beginning upon admission at our Massachusetts campus.  These services are intended to engage both clients and their family members in the medical detoxification, treatment and recovery process.  In our experience, ongoing family involvement increases the likelihood of sustained recovery and improves the overall quality of family interrelationships.


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