heroin addiction

Heroin addiction is an issue that plagues many parts of the United States, but it’s a particularly strong problem in the Northeast United States. Heroin floods the streets, and thousands of deaths each year are attributed to accidental overdoses. Not only do people pass away from their heroin use due to overdose, but those who use heroin are at a much greater risk of getting diseases like HIV and hepatitis.

As an outsider, it’s easy to just think that heroin addicts foolishly made choices in their lives that could have easily been avoided. However, it’s important to understand that addiction is more complicated than that.

What One City is Doing to Combat Heroin Use

In Rutland, Vermont, the community is tired of seeing their friends and family get sucked into drug addiction, so they’ve decided to take a stand. Tom VanEps and his neighbors have been patrolling their local streets for drug dealers, and they have the dealers throw their supplies down the storm drains.

“We’ve all got kids, said VanEps. “We don’t want them walking down the street with bare feet and get a needle in their foot.” This local small town effort is getting noticed at a national level. Unfortunately, such endeavors only treat the symptoms while the disease goes merrily on. In spite of efforts like those in Rutland, the demand for heroin continues unabated.

Heroin Use Statistics Reach Washington D.C.

The White House is also starting to take a stand against heroin addiction. Heroin addicts hurt everyone because they are much more likely to commit crimes. The United States has the largest prison population in the world, and 75% or more of the inmates are there due to drug- and alcohol-related crimes. The White House is taking a much different stance though. They’re trying to increase funding to research addiction as well as drug prevention methods to help people from ever trying the drug.

Why do Heroin Addicts Keep Using?

Heroin detox is a painful, uncomfortable experience that many addicts dread. One of the symptoms of heroin use is that individuals will justify and rationalize their using in any way they can, and the most common way is to prevent heroin detox. During withdrawal, addicts experience flu-like symptoms along with aches, pains and high levels of anxiety. In order to avoid the stress of heroin detox, they’ll simply continue using.

Prevention methods and communities taking a stance are great improvements towards fighting addiction, but the solution for those who are addicted comes from seeking the help of a qualified rehabilitation treatment center. Drug rehab centers help people through heroin detox by providing them with medications that reduce the symptoms, but they do much more.

By going to a professional detox and rehab center, addicts learn how to overcome their addiction by going through different types of therapy. It’s not enough to simply get sober. The addict must learn how addiction works and why they’ve been using. With this type of knowledge, they’ll be equipped with the knowledge and power to never use again one day at a time. Don’t live with the burden of addiction any longer—call us today at 855-772-1188.

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