Most people don’t know that most forms of addiction are legally classified as diseases. That distinction is actually very important. It prevents employers from discriminating against its ill employees, and it sets a precedent where insurance companies are now required to provide drug rehab insurance coverage just as they would be required to cover any other type of illness.

The Affordable Care Act and Drug Rehab Insurance

For many years, addiction treatment services were only covered by insurance companies if the policyholder had purchased a special add-on. When the President signed the Affordable Care Act in 2009, everything changed related to how insurance companies would be allowed to handle addiction treatment claims in the future. Beginning in 2014, insurance companies were required to start treating claims for addiction treatment the same as they would any other disease treatment.

The only latitude that insurance companies have now is the ability to limit reimbursable costs through special disclaimers, deductibles and co-pays. The fact is that people with insurance who are suffering from an addiction now have some level of insurance coverage for drug rehab. That gives them the flexibility to choose the drug and alcohol treatment center that will best meet their needs. They can do this without regard for the associated costs.

The Importance of Drug Rehab Insurance

With insurance companies now required to provide insurance for addiction patients, those individuals now have the option to be more selective about their treatment. If someone is living in a small community that doesn’t have a local treatment facility, that person has the opportunity to reach out to nearly any facility in the country. The only caveat would be making sure that the facility accepts that person’s particular insurance coverage. If they do, finances no longer have to be a major consideration.

It also allows prospective addiction patients to choose a highly successful and reputable treatment facility that might otherwise be unaffordable. By taking the financial pressures off of patients, they can enter a quality rehab and focus solely on the task at hand, a complete recovery from their addiction illness. It’s important to note that insurance is a viable payment option only if a treatment center accepts that particular company’s insurance plan, which is not legally required.

The New England Recovery Center and Insurance

The New England Recovery Center is a respected treatment facility located in Westborough, Massachusetts. For you’re interested in taking advantage of our leading-edge treatment programs, you’ll be happy to learn that our facility accepts most forms of private insurance and some forms of public or government insurance. 

Our facility’s counselors and clinicians can give a lot of personal attention to guests in the form of intensive therapy. These therapy sessions are geared toward teaching patients about addiction and how to use life skills to prevent relapses. Most patients also get the opportunity to participate in group therapy sessions, access to an in-house medically monitored detox (when required), and the opportunity to get involved in alumni and follow-up programs. The hope is these alumni programs will help patients stay focused on recovery.

If you’re tired of battling the cycle of addiction, it’s time to pick up the phone and call the New England Recovery Center at 1-877-MyRehab to learn about our admission process. We’ll work with you to verify your insurance coverage and subsequently help you get the treatment you need. We’re confident we can place you firmly on the road to recovery without the need to use drugs or alcohol again.