We are pleased to welcome you to the New England Recovery Center (NERC)

The following information is provided to help you prepare for your treatment experience at New England Recovery Center.

Activities and Amenities

A variety of activities including exercise, personal training, massage therapy, yoga, walking and jogging are available to nourish your mind and body. Our onsite fitness center offers cardio and universal strength training equipment. Yoga is provided in hour-long sessions, two times per week. During scheduled leisure times, the common areas offer a location for watching television, movies, reading, or playing cards/board games. Spiritual/religious services are also available.


Laundry services are provided by our housekeeping staff.

Telephone Calls

You may utilize our client telephone to make phone calls during your stay at New England Recovery Center. Your clinician will assist with all phone calls.


You may send and receive mail during treatment. Stamps are available for purchase at the reception desk. Our address is 153 Oak St, Westborough, MA 01581. Please request that all mail be addressed to your attention.

Meals and Refreshments

Three healthy and nutritious gourmet meals are served in the dining room each day. Twenty-four hour refreshments and various coffee breaks are also provided. If you have dietary restrictions, we offer gluten-free, vegetarian, and low glycemic options.


If transportation presents an issue for you upon completion of the program, our staff will assist in developing a plan for your safe return home.


A complimentary safe is located in the Admissions Office for clients to use for securing any valuable possessions.

Items for Purchase

We strongly encourage you to bring your own bathroom essentials. Upon admission, you will receive a complimentary shower caddy containing shampoo, conditioner, soap and body lotion. If needed, basic items are available for a nominal cost and can be purchased at the reception desk.

Length of Stay

Length of stay is individualized and determined by your own medical and clinical needs in addition to the programming you choose to utilize during your stay at NERC. Length of stay for detoxification is typically 4-6 days, while inpatient rehabilitation usually ranges 2 to 4 weeks.

Family Renewal Program

Family involvement is strongly encouraged during your alcohol and drug treatment program at the New England Recovery Center. A family supportive counseling session with the family members of your choice is scheduled upon admission. In addition, each Sunday from 1pm to 4pm, New England Recovery Center provides a structured Family Renewal Program. This program is divided into three sections. During the first ninety minutes, your family members will participate in an educational session about the disease of addiction, types of treatment and the process of recovery led by our family engagement specialist. Following the educational session, time is provided for family visitation. After the family visit, the program concludes with a question and answer period for all families in attendance.

Clinical Services

Individual counseling sessions are complemented by a full array of group sessions. Daily group sessions cover a wide variety of topics such as goal setting, substance abuse education, relapse prevention, health and wellness, stress reduction, motivational enhancement, recovery support, and gender specific issues. Other specialized groups are offered based upon your treatment plan. You and your clinician will work together to create a customized treatment plan and a roadmap for follow-up care.

Continuing Care

Continuing Care begins upon admission and continues throughout treatment. You will develop a Continuing Recovery Plan with your clinician to help maintain the gains that you’ve made during treatment, while sustaining your recovery and preventing future relapses. Our comprehensive planning process addresses individualized needs regarding clinical services, vocation/education, legal issues, housing and employment. Further, we ensure continuity of care through the use of community resources.   

Program Expectations

We expect you will be fully engaged in your recovery while receiving services at the New England Recovery Center. You must adhere to the program schedule which requires your active participation in groups, individual sessions and treatment planning. It is strongly encouraged that you involve family supports during your treatment to aid in the recovery process and your reintegration back into the community.

Dress Code

You may dress in casual comfortable clothes while at the New England Recovery Center. Please be mindful of others and refrain from wearing anything portraying drug use, violence or a sexual connotation. Tight, revealing, or otherwise inappropriate clothing is not permitted.

Cameras and Cell Phones

All clients have the right to anonymity during treatment. Cameras, cell phones, and iPads are prohibited for confidentiality purposes, along with any other devices that incorporate a camera. IPods/Mp3 players with headphones can be used in your bedroom and the fitness center. New England Recovery Center utilizes security cameras in public areas throughout the facility for the safety of all clients. These cameras are only viewed by staff members.


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